Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the safety waiver?

Everyone that plays at Central City Airsoft needs to have signed the safety waiver. You can download it below by clicking the link.

Link: Safety Waiver

How old do you have to be to play at CCA?

You must be at least 12 Years old to play at CCA Un-supervised by a parent or guardian. Players under 12 must have a parent or guardian either on site, or playing with you throughout the game day.

If my gun shoot’s over 400fps can I still play at CCA?

Yes. If your gun is shooting a bit hot, your replica will be classified differently and you will then follow the assigned Rule set listed on the CCA Rule page.

What do I need to bring to a game day at CCA?

At very least you need to bring a pair of FULL SEAL GOGGLES, an airsoft replica of some sort, and something to eat. Above that you can wear any gear, use pretty much any replica (As long as it falls into the FPS classifications in the rule set) If you forget water, we have it. Food, We have it.

What time do your games start?

Games start at 10 AM sharp. Please be on time and ready to play. Do not show up before 8:30 AM and do not go up to the house to ask questions about game days. The field operator does not live here and is not onsite until 8:30 AM on a game day.

Do you have a place to charge batteries?

Yes. We will have a charging station for you batteries. But, please remember to charge them the night before.

Do you fill HPA?

Yes. And it is included with your entry. But, we only fill one tank as many times as needed all day. Don’t show up with 5 tanks and expect us to fill all 5. It wastes our HPA for the other players and is a huge hassle to fill our bulk system between game days when we run out.

If I get tired can I take a break?

Yes. By-all means. But don’t let your breaks interfere with someone else’s fun. Be ready to play at all times.

Do you take a lunch break and do you sell food?

Yes and Yes. We sell Military MRE’s at the field for $10.00

Do you have water or anything to drink?

Yes. We provide Free water to our players if they want it. But please plan ahead and come prepared.

How big is your field?

The play area is roughly 7 acres. It’s a woods field that has been heavily developed with 2 city/towns, a huge trench system, Outposts, and many other unique features. The field itself changes with the season, and evolves from a barren waste land in early spring to a thriving jungle like area in the summer. We spend lots of time mowing and keeping trails cut down and open for ease of player movement. As well as changing the field lay out and structures from time to time.